2009. október 19., hétfő


2009. október 20-án kedden 20 órától a Park Hotel bárjában rendkívüli jazzkoncert volt, melynek keretében felléptek:

Maria Răducanu - ének,
Mircea Tiberian
- zongora
Lisle Ellis (New York) - nagybőgő.

Plakátterv: Kusztos Attila

MIRCEA TIBERIAN - born in Cluj, Romania, in 1955, spent his childhood and adolescence in Sibiu (South Transylvania) where he made his debut at the International Jazz Festival in 1974. He currently lives in Bucharest. Along the years he has performed the world over with such musicians as Larry Coryel, Tomasz Stanko, Herb Robertson, John Betsch, Lisle Ellis, Maurice de Martin, Chris Dahlgren, Horst Nonnenmacher, Adam Pieronczyk, Theo Jorgensmann, Nicholas Simion and outstanding Romanian jazz artists such as Johnny Raducanu, Anca Parghel and Dan Mandrila. As a pianist and composer Mircea Tiberian has been working in the cross-over field of Jazz, Improvisation and New-Music in diverse setups and casts. The work of the last 20 years is documented 19 albums. Mircea Tiberian is a doctor in music and teaches at the National University of Music in Bucharest coordinating the Jazz Department, which he set up in 1991.
Awards: Romanian Composers Union Award (1990, 1996, 2000, 2003) Romanian Musician of the Year Award (2003, 2007, 2008) The Enescu-Brancusi Scholarship granted by the Romanian Cultural Institute (2006).
Publications: “Tehnica Improvizatiei in Muzica de Jazz” (A Course of Improvisation Techniques), Editura UNMB, Bucharest, 2005 “Notes on Music and Music Notes” (Book and CDs), Editura Muzeului National al Literaturii Romane, Bucharest, 2005 “Cartea de muzica”(An anthology of musicology studies), Editura Tracus Arte, Bucharest, 2008 Intercultural Projects: Liniada (2000) Agnus Dei (2001) Les annes folles de Bucharest (2004) Jazz and Cinema (2005 –prezent) Dark (2006) Eurotique (2006) Jazzy Tarot - musical (2007-2008) – theatre Metropolis

MARIA RADUCANU was born on the 3rd of November 1967, in Husi, Vaslui County, Romania. She studied the violin and the guitar. And the French Literature at the A. I. Cuza University from Iasi and at the University of Bucharest. At the same time, between the 1984-1993, Maria Raducanu participated at all the major youth festivals in the country, as a songwriter and interpreter of jazzy-music. She was awarder the highest prize distinctions, welcomed by the public and praised by the press.
After a 7 years break, starting with January 2000, Maria appeared again in the club and festival life of Bucharest and of the country, imposing herself as an artistic presence of first range (as far as one can talk about recognition when one isn’t creating a music of market-place.)

is active as a musician - acoustic & electronic, visual artist, lecturer in creative process and jazz history. As a bassist/composer/improvisor he has performed and recorded with many of the world's foremost muscians in the field of jazz, improvised, creative and new and experimental musics. Currently living in New York City, Ellis leads his own ensemble whose music often reflects his interest in electronic music and its applications in improvisational contexts as well as his ongoing relationship with the acoustic bass.

A koncert támogatói:
Hotel Park Komplexum,
Favorit Rt., Mamut Copy

Médiatámogatók: Régió Rádió, Sláger Rádió, Sepsi Rádió www.sepsiszentgyorgy.info

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